Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Circular of CCGGOO & our submissions

Dear Sir,

Circular No 6 -2015-16 of CCGGOO  and our submissions to the parliamentary standing Committee were sent by mail for your information and for further circulation amongst the members.

Those who have not received the Circular may please contact our mail id auditacounts@gmail.com to get the circular.

Secretary General

Bonus - A brief

What is Bonus?

Initially there was a concept of weekly wages to the workers in India. But when Britishers started ruling India they came up with concept of Monthly salary. 

Therefore, if we consider 4 weeks in a month, 13 salaries should be distributed. However, as per monthly structure they were giving only 12 salaries in a year.

In later days people realized it that it is a loss to them in terms of one month salary. There were many rallies opposing this in Maharashtra during 1930-1940. To come up with a solution to this problem, Britishers had a discussion with leaders about how to distribute this 13th monthly Salary and unanimously they decided as per Indian tradition, Diwali being the biggest festival of India, they would distribute this 13th Salary during Diwali, today known as Diwali Bonus.

This was implemented from 30th June 1940. 

In respect of Central Govt employees, Bazle- Karim committee recommended the same. 

But the recommendations were not implemented. As a result of great struggle Non Gazetted employees got the bonus. 

Gazetted Officers are also thus eligible. But the Government has not removed the discrimination till now. 

Gazetted officers thus face great injustice. 

To get justice build strong state level CCGGOO. 

S. Mohan.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Delegates attended CWC Meeting At Nagpur

The participants in the Central Working Committee Meeting at Nagpur  during 30th September and 1st October.