Sunday, January 30, 2011

Events During the Inaugural Session of 34th Conference

During Inaugural Session a book titled as
" In the Quest For Truth ....... To Serve the People"was released
in the Presence of Honourable Parliamentarians by our Association 
The Book " In The Quest For Truth ..... To Serve The People
was handed Over by our veteran Leader Com S.K.Vyas to
Worshipful Mayor of Chennai in the presence of
Honourable Parliamentarians,Fraternal leaders

Honourable Member of Parliament Shri.S.S.Ramasubbu M.P
addressed the gathering

Honourable Member of Parliament Shri.T.K.Rangarajan M.P being
Honoured by our Secretary General

Presidiential Address to the gathering

Convenor, Coordination Committee Shri.G.Jesuraja being Felicitated by Our President

Chairman of the Coordination Committee Shri.K.T.Sridharan
being felicitated by our Vice President Com.P.Prabhakar
Convenor Coordination Committee invited our Guests to Dias

Worshipful Mayor of Chennai  Welcome address 
during our inaugural Session 
Secretary General Conducted the proceedings of the inaugural Session

Fraternal Leaders in the Dias

Fraternal Leaders in the Dias

Nonourable Member of Parliament Shri.Basudeb Acharia M.P 
addressed the Gathering
President Com.S.V.Deshpande Hoisted our Association Flag

Honourable Member of Parliament Shri.S.S.Ramasubbu arrived to our Venue

Reception Committee Chairman Worshipful Mayor of Chennai Shri.M.Subramanian in the Dias

Reception Committee Chairman Worshipful Mayor of Chennai M.Subramanain 
honoured by our Secretary General

President S.V.Deshpande, Worshipful Mayor M.Subramanian,
Honourable Member of Parliament shri.Basudeb Acharia,
Honourable Member of Parliament Shri.S.S.Ramasubbu,
Former Secretary General Com.Unnikrishnan in the dias

HonourableMember of Parliament Shri.T.K.Rangarajan,
Worshipful Mayor of Chennai M.Subramanian,
Honourable Member of Parliament Shri.S.S.Ramasubbu,
Former Secretary General UnniKrishnan, Former President Radhakrishna in the Dias 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

We Salute the Indian
Who choose to brave
The most difficult battle field in the world
-53ÂșC        21,147 Feet

The 62nd Republic Day of India commemorates the date on which the
Constitution of India came into force replacing
the Government of India Act 1935 as the
governing document of India on 26 January 1950.
The date 26 January was chosen to honour the
memory of the declaration of independence of 1930

“WE, the people of INDIA, having solemnly
Resolved to constitute India into a
and to secure to all its citizens;
JUSTICE, social, economic and political;
LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief,
faith and worship;
EQUALITY of status and of opportunity;
and to promote among them all
FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the
Individual and the unity
and integrity of the Nation”

Be Proud to be an Indian…… Happy Republic Day

Secretary General

Monday, January 24, 2011

Circular 9 -2010 -11 of All India Audit & Accounts Officers Association

The National Executive Members &
The Secretaries of the Affiliates.

Dear Comrades,

34th Conference of All India Audit and Accounts Officers Association:
The 34th Conference of the All India Audit and Accounts Officers Association was held at ICSA Centre Jivana Jyothi Building, 107, Pantheon Road, Egmore Chennai from 09.01.11 to 11.01.11 as notified. Its inaugural session was held at Museum Theatre Egmore, Chennai on 9th Jan 2011 at 10.00 A.M. 34 Delegates and 20 observers and 2 Special invitees representing 17 units attended the Conference.
Inaugural Session of the 34th Conference: 09.01.2011:
Com.S.V.Deshpande,  President of the Association hoisted the Flag and saluted the martyrs in the presence of Com.Basudeb Acharia, who is a seven time Member of Parliament, Com.S.K.Vyas., President Confederation of CGEs, Com MS Raja Secretary General All India Audit & Accounts Association, Com Unnikrishnan, former Secretary General of our Federation, Com.Radhakrisna former President. Shri,M.Subramanian, Worshipful Mayor of Chennai,the Chairman, Reception Committee, welcomed the Honorable members of Parliament, delegates and leaders of fraternal organisations.  The Conference was inaugurated by Com.Basudeb Acharia, who greeted this Association for its tradition of struggle and of discharging the responsibility through its accountability to the people. He pointed out that as a nation we were facing a crisis of Public Accountability today. The major crisis was that even after 63 year of independence we have not been able to resolve many of the problems faced by the majority of the people in this country such as the problem of poverty, the problem of unemployment, the problem of ignorance. The Gap between the rich and poor had increased and the society was divided not in the name of religion, caste, or region but in the name of wealth. He further added that we, the elite of the society, should search our soul for the rooting out of these problems. He explained the reasons behind these problems and how the pursuance of the policy of globalization, privatization, and liberalization followed by the successive Governments had been the sole reason behind this and proposed that the elite should come forward to reverse degeneration. Special Address was delivered by Shri.Ramasubbu Honourable Member of Parliament. He mentioned that the service of Audit and Accounts Officers were the backbone of the not only to Indian Audit and Accounts department but also to the entire nation. He further elaborated that the services of the AOs/SAOs should be honored with suitable grade pay and suitable status. He assured that our genuine demand would be taken by him in the floor of Parliament.
The 34th Conference was felicitated by T.K.Rangarajan Honourable Member of Parliament. He pointed out that the  houses of the auditors in the private firm was raided by the CBI where as it would not be in the case of our case since the Audit Officers and Sr.Audit Officers  were very honest in their service to the nation. He also assured that our genuine demand would be taken by him in the floor of Parliament.
Release of a Book:
The institution of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India shoots into the limelight from time to time whenever his reports bring out issues that the media and the political parties find to be good publicity or adverse publicity material. The latest being the report on the 2G Spectrum allocation that marked the dawn of the 150th year of the institution with a bang.  It has been the experience of many of those who serve the IA&AD that the public at large remains ill-informed about the institution of the C&AG and how it serves the public, largely because of the conscious avoidance of publicity and the uncompromising professional quest for facts regarding financial propriety, regularity etc. That the institution has not been accused of having “compromised” so far stands testimony to the practiced resistance to external influences and had discharged its responsibilities “without fear or favour”. But the deliberate isolation has also prevented “public awareness” about the institution.

The book titled as“In the quest for truth …… to serve the people” is an attempt by the All India Audit and Accounts Officers Association, to inform the reader of the “Who and Why” of the Supreme Audit Institution of this country. The Association takes great pride in bringing out this book in the 150th year of the C&AG which was released by our veteran leader Com.S.K.Vyas and the first copy was received by Com.Basudeb Acharia in the Presence of Worshipful Mayor Shri.M.Subramanian and Honourable Member of Parliament Shri.Ramasubbu and Shri.T.K.Rangarajan in our inaugural session of the 34th Conference. It is our endeavor to place the facts before the reader and not to eulogies the Institution or to criticize it. This book contains facts about the struggle of the Accounts Officers, Audit Officers, Sr.Accounts Officers and Sr.Audit Officers for due recognition of their contribution to the department that has enabled it in achieving what it had over the years of its existence. All India Audit and Accounts Officers Association is grateful to Com.N.Kannan & Com J Balakrishnan SAOs (both retired) for their contribution to this book.

Com M.S.Raja Secretary General of All India Audit and Accounts Association greeted the delegates and explained the hostile situation prevailing in the department and he assured that with the cooperation of employees and officers the situation would be overcome. Com Virugu Bhattacharjee, Convener of the Joint Action Committee of audit and accounts employees and officers’ organasations reiterated that the joint action committee would move forward to achieve our demand. Com Vasudevan, General Secretary of Insurance Officers Federation, Com.Varadharajan General Secretary of the Promotee Officers Federation , Railways, Com.Ananda Padmanabhan General Secretary of the Pay and Accounts Officers Association, Com.Chandramouli,  Central Excise Officers Association, Com.Dakshinamoorthy Postal Accounts Officers Association, Com.UnniKrishnan  Com.A.V.Venkataraman Former Secretary General of All India Audit and Accounts Association, Com.S.K.Vyas, President of the Confederation of Central Government Employees, Com.M.Duraipandian, President of All India Audit and Accounts Association, Com.N.Srinivasan General Secretary Railway Accounts Staff Association also greeted the Conference. Com.K.T.Sridharan, Chairman Coordination Committee proposed the vote of thanks.
Felicitation to our Leaders:
Com. K.T.Sridharan, Vice President of the Association, who had already retired and Com.G. Jesu Raja Convener Coordination Committee of the Audit and Accounts Officers Association Tamil Nadu Unit who is to retire in April 2011 were felicitated in the venue of the Inaugural Session.
Delegate Session: 10.01.2011:
The Delegate Session was presided by the Presidium consisting of Com.S.V.Deshpande and Com.K.T.Sridharan. The Secretary General presented the minutes of 33rd Conference held at Nagpur which was adopted unanimously by the Conference. Com.S.Mohan then presented the report of the Secretary General for the period from 2008 to 2010 and explained the salient features of the report. More than 14 delegates from various affiliated units took part in the discussion. Finally the report of Secretary General was adopted with certain modifications/additions   The Secretary General’s report adopted by the Conference shall be circulated shortly. Then the Secretary General presented the Audited Accounts for the year 2008-09 & 2009-10 which were unanimously adopted by the Conference.  
Special Address by Dr.Venkatesh Atherya:
The delegate Session was addressed by Dr.Venkatesh Atherya, who is a leading economist. He presented the situation prevailing in this country. He explained about budget, deficit budget and fiscal deficit and how the country as well as the world was facing the economic crisis .The response of the delegates was very good and the question hour session witnessed a mind boggling discussion.
Resolutions Adopted:
The Conference adopted unanimously a detailed resolution on ‘policy and programmes’ for the future course of action in the coming years after a detailed discussion amongst the delegates as also a resolution on conferment of Group A status have been adopted.  
Election to the National Executive:
The Conference appointed Com.M.G.Venkatesh Vice president of P&T Audit Officers and Sr.Audit Officers Association and Com KV Nagaraju out going Assistant Secretary General as Election Officers to conduct the election of the members of the National Executive for the period 2011 to 2013. All the office bearers were elected unopposed and unanimously. The 34th Conference also unanimously nominated Auditor and nominated advisors to the National Executive. The list of office bearers,  General Auditor nominated and the Advisors for the All India Audit and Accounts Officers Association unanimously approved by the conference are enclosed. After the acceptance speech by the newly elected office bearers, valedictory address by the Former vice President, and the convener of the Coordination Committee the conference concluded after adopting a resolution thanking the Host Unit for their splendid efforts in organizing the Conference successfully.
It is requested that each unit leadership should undertake extensive campaign by holding activists’ meetings, group meetings etc about our problems confronted day to day and to communicated view points for further course of action.

                                                                                                     Yours Fraternally,
                                                                                                     Secretary General.

Composition of National Executive Committee of
All India Audit and Accounts Officers’ Association

I.National executive Committee Members

Sr. No
Present Office
S. V. Deshpande
O/o Accountant General (A & E) II Maharashtra, Nagpur
Vice President
Principal Director of Audit, South Central Railway, Secundrabad 
Secretary General
S. Mohan
O/o Pr.Directpr of Commercial Audit & Ex-officio Member Audit Board IV New Delhi @ Chennai.
Additional Secretary General
R. K.Gowtham.
O/o Accountant General (A & E) I Madhya Pradesh Gwalior
Secretary (Finance)
O/O the Accountant General (A&E) I., Maharashtra Mumbai
Asst. Secretary General
Balbir Singh Sharma
O/o Director General of Central Revenues New Delhi
Asst. Secretary General
V.Prema Chandran
O/o the Director General of Postal Audit Branch Office Thiruvananthapuram
Asst. Secretary General
O/o Principal Accountant General (Civil Audit), Tamil Nadu and Puduicherry Chennai