Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Our Tasks in Coming Days………..

Keeping in mind to go for Mass Casual leave during the second week of January if there is no concrete development towards our main demand of up gradation of Grade Pay, the Extended National Executive Committee Meeting unanimously decided on the following Programmes.

1. Observance of Black Badge wearing week: The affiliated organizations are directed to observe a week long programme of wearing black Badge during 19th October to 23rd October. On the last day of the programme i.e on 23rd October, hold General Body Meeting, Adopt the Memorandum, submit the Memorandum by Mass deputation to Local Heads of Offices. Specific Instruction should be given to Officers who are supervising in the field to observe this programme.

2. Remainder day on Nov 18th: The affiliated units are directed to hold the remainder day on Nov 18th. The intermittent period should be utilized for collection of individual representation/memorandum in duplicate signed by each member of the affiliated unit should be submitted to the local heads of Institution followed by Mass Deputation. One set of copy of the representation/Memorandum should be submitted by the each affiliated unit to the Federation before the centralized Dharna at Delhi.

3. Day Long Dharna: It has been decided to hold a dharna in Delhi in front of CAG’ s Office(or at a near place to CAG’s Office in case of any difficulty from law enforcing agencies) during the winter session of Parliament probably 3rd week of December participated by all the affiliated units in a massive manner followed by the submission of memorandum to the CAG Authorities. On the eve of Dharna, review the developments, by the convening extended National Executive and consider the programme to go on Mass Casual Leave during the second week of January by the Officers of the Indian Audit and Accounts Department. The Secretariat will explore the possibility of converting this programme to a joint programme with employees’ organization.

Secretary General