Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Circular No 8

All India Audit and Accounts Officers Association decides to
organise Day Long Mass Dharna

Dear Comrades,

On behalf of the All India Audit and Accounts Officers Association we convey our sincere thanks, appreciation and gratitude to all affiliated units & comrades who participated in the Lunch Hour Mass Dharna in local Heads of Offices on 17th Dec, especially to those who made efforts for the success of this momentous Programme.

The extended meeting of the National Executive Committee of All India Audit and Accounts Officers Association held at Mumbai on 5th & 6th September 2009 deliberated upon the refusal of the Government of India to accept granting of higher grade pay to AOs and Sr.AOs. By denying our genuine demand without any justifiable reason, the meeting noted, the wage structure of AO and Sr.AO cadres has been suppressed which will have a devastating impact for many years to come. The meeting came to the conclusion that the Government's decision warrants serious agitational approach and decided to call upon its affiliated units to mobilize themselves for a Day Long Dharna before the C&AG’s office to generate necessary pressure to compel the C&AG and the Finance Ministry to enter into meaningful discussion over these issues with our Federation and to settle them satisfactorily.

In this back ground, the All India Audit and Accounts officers Association has decided to organize a Day Long Mass Dharna on 5th February, 2010 demanding settlement of its Charter of demands including the grant of Higher Grade pay to AOs and Sr.AOs, Conferment of Group A Status to Sr.AOs, Removal of Age restriction for promotion to I.A.A.S cadre, Increasing promotion quota to I.A.A.S, Extension of MACP benefits to AOs and Sr.AOs.
All the affiliated organizations are requested to mobilise their members to participate in the Day Long Mass Dharna on Feb 5th under intimation to All India Audit and Accounts Officers Association.

Intensive campaign, culminating into one day Dharna before CAG Office, is absolutely necessary to force the reluctant Government, Finance Ministry, Expenditure Secretary and C&AG to negotiate meaningfully and settle the demands. Kindly ensure that this message reaches every member to make him/her realize the gravity of injustice and the intensity of discrimination meted out to us by the top echelons of bureaucracy while implementing the recommendations of the 6th CPC. Each affiliated unit should ensure their presence by mobilizing large numbers of members in the day long Dharna and are requested to plan in advance to book their tickets in such a way to be at the venue of the Dharna on 5th Feb. Participants will have to make their own arrangement for accommodation at Delhi. After the Dharna on the same day the National Executive along with representatives of the units shall meet to decide further course of action.

Our offer to the administration of C&AG to settle these issues through a discussion has not been responded to. This is a challenge to our self respect, dignity and our very position as the back bone of this department. This is a challenge thrown by the unreasonable bureaucracy and an administration that have routinely turned a blind eye and deaf ears to our genuine demands routinely for the past three decades. We are left with no option but to meet the challenge by resorting to this direct action.

Let us march together, shoulder to shoulder, with determination, courage and sincerity towards our goal with the conviction that success is the product of struggles and Mass Dharna is one of the means towards this end.

With New Year Greetings,

Yours Fraternally,

Secretary General