Monday, March 22, 2010

Circular No 11

Dear Comrades,
Meeting With Pr.Director (Staff):
As a follow up to the meeting with DAI, the President and Secretary General had a meeting with Pr.Director of Staff on 19/03/2010. In the Meeting the Pr.Director (Staff) sought certain clarifications on the applicability of MACP Scheme to the AOs/Sr.AOs. In support of our demand for MACPS to AOs/SAOS by treating the AAO as entry cadre, the following arguments were cited.

MACPS TO AO/SAO: As per Point 5 of Annexure 1 to OM No.35034/3/2008-Estt.(D) Government of India Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions (Department of Personnel and Training), New Delhi, Dt 19th May, 2009, Promotions earned/upgradation granted under the ACP Scheme in the past to those grades which now carry the same grade pay due to merger of pay scales/upgradations of posts recommended by the Sixth Pay Commission shall be ignored for the purpose of granting upgradations under Modified ACPS. Further clarification on the applicability of point – 5 of MACP Scheme with regard to merger of four pay scales of Group D cadre was issued by DOPT in OM Dated 16.11.09.Based on the order and clarification, Clerk who was appointed in the cadre of Peon and got three promotions as Filer, Record keeper and Clerk prior to Jan 2006 was given two financial upgradation on completion of 30 years of service ignoring promotions to Filer and Record keeper as Peon, Filer and Record keeper were merged and given grade pay of Rs 1800. As per sixth CPC, Stenographer Grade II, Stenographer Grade I and Personal Secretary were merged and given Grade Pay Rs.4200. Subsequently the Ministry of Finance vide OM.Dated 13.11.09 decided that the pre revised scale of Rs.6500-200-10500 would be placed in PB-2 with a Grade Pay of Rs 4600 with effect from 1.1.2006. Accordingly C&AG in its letter dated 9.2.2010 has communicated to all heads of department in IA&AD the re designation of Stenographer cadre and requested to take appropriate action to review financial upgradations granted under MACPS to stenographer cadre. In view of the above Private Secretary who was appointed in the cadre of Stenographer Grade III and got three promotions as Stenographer Grade II, Stenographer Grade I (PA) and Private Secretary prior to Jan 2006 would be eligible for third financial upgradation on completion of 30 years of service ignoring promotions to Stenographer grade I & II. It was also implemented by our department in various offices by granting third financial upgradation with Grade pay of Rs.4800 to the cadre of Private Secretary. As on 1.1.2006, both Group D promotee clerk and Private Secretary were not continuing in the merged cadre and were granted financial upgradation to next higher Grade pay after completion of 10 years in the same Grade on the analogy of point – 5 of Annexure I of MACPS.

Similar dispensation should be extended to Section officer Grade. Audit Officers/ Sr.Audit Officers who were appointed as Section Officer on passing SOG examination and promoted as Asst. Audit Officer and Audit Officer /Sr.Audit Officer prior to Jan 2006 should also be considered for financial upgradation under MACP as Section Officer and Assistant Audit Officer were extended same grade pay of Rs 4800 as per Section II of Part B, First Schedule in the Sixth CPC notification dt 29th Aug 2008. Subsequently Section Officer and Assistant Audit Officer were merged and section officer was re-designated as Asst.Audit Officer. It is pertinent to note that for a query “Whether the promotions of UDCs to old Tax Assistant and old Tax Assistant to Inspector shall be counted two promotions or one for the purpose of MACPs owing to redesignation of old Tax Assistant to Sr.Tax Assistant in the higher pay scale of Rs5000-8000 & merger of pay scales of 5000-8000,Rs5500-8000 &Rs.6500-10500” it was clarified by the Ministry of Finance, Government of India, Department of revenue, Central Board of Excise & Customs vide No.F.No.A-26017/76/2009-AO-11A dated 29th September 2009 that if the pay scales of feeder grade and promotional grade have been merged on the recommendations of 6th CPC, such cases would be regulated in accordance with point No 5 of the MACP. Section Officer, the feeder grade was merged with Asst.Audit/Accounts Officer, the promotional Grade and therefore AO/Sr.AO would be eligible for third financial upgradation as per point – 5 of Annexure I of MACPS. On hearing our argument the Pr.Director (S) stated that the issue would be further examined and if found fit the proposal would be carried forward further.

Regarding Group “A” status to the Sr.Accounts/Audit Officers it was clarified that up to IV CPC the AO/SAO were placed at a grade higher than the entry level of IA & AS and degradation of the cadre started from 4th Central Pay Commission which placed entry level IA&AS Officers on par with the AOs and subsequent reduction in status by subsequent Pay Commissions should be rectified and the Status of the AOs restored to the original level. Only grant of Group “A” status would in the opinion of the Association, facilitate improvement of the Cadres in Future. Pr.Director (Staff) stated that the issue of conferring Group “A” Status to the SAOs is already under the consideration of the department.

The Pr.Director (staff) also informed that a note for enhancement of the Age limit for entry into the IAAS Cadre from 53 years to 55years is being processed.

However, it has been our experience that our demands would be met only if consistent pressure is maintained on the authorities. In view of this there will be no change in the Mass casual leave program me on 8th April 2010.
All India Audit and Accounts Officers Association Calls Upon All AOs/SAOs to participate in the Mass Casual Leave programme on 8th April 2010
The All India Audit and Accounts Officers Association has announced that on 8th April, there will be Mass Casual Leave programme throughout India to demand immediate steps to Up Grade the Grade Pay for Aos and Sr.Aos, enhancement of age limit for their promotion to IAAS, increasing their quota for promotion, and Cadre Review. The National Executive Committee of the Association felt that the preparations are on the right track and the response of the membership is quite encouraging. It has been further decided that effort should be made for unity on the charter of demands. It has been already decided to carry forward our initiative for unity and request the All India Federation of Sr. Audit Officers & Audit Officers to join the Mass CL programme of 8th April 2010. Secretary General attended their working committee held at Bhubaneswar Orissa on Feb 13th and 14th as a special invitee and appealed to their affiliates to join hands in the struggle of achieving our higher Grade Pay of Rs.6600 to AOs and Rs7600 to Sr.AOs. The National Executive calls upon every unit to make all out effort for the success of MASS CASUAL LEAVE programme on 8th APRIL 2010 a total success. All units should send the report about the number of CL applications collected by the unit upto 31st March evening along with staff strength position without fail.
Yours Fraternally,

Secretary General.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Delhi: - Around 1000 retired defence personnel on Sunday staged a protest here demanding “equal pension for each rank” and collected their gallantry medals for returning them to the Government. Ex-servicemen from all the threje defence forces held the protest at Jantar Mantar. They would also submit a memorandum to President Pratibha Patil and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, one of the organizers said. The main demand is that irrespective of the date on which a soldier retired, he or she should get the same pension. “It is a shame for the country that solders have to return their gallantry awards and meritorious medals and come to the streets for redressing their grievances”, they said,
PTI- Courtesy ------ The Hindu – 15.03.2010

Hold Protest, Demand Up gradation of Grade Pay!!


We are no way different from these Soldiers.
They are the Guardians of this big Nation
We are the watch dogs of the public money.
They are defenders of the borders of this Great nation
We are the defenders of the taxpayer’s money
Show your protest in the similar way
Submit Casual Leave Application
Spare one day Casual Leave
For the sake of your Self respect,
For Up gradation of Your Grade pay,
For Better working Environment

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Circular No 10

The National Executive Members &
The Secretaries of the Affiliates

Meeting with DAI: The delegation comprising the President Com.S.V.Deshpande, the Vice-President Com. K.T.Sridharan, the Secretary General Com S.Mohan, the Secretary Finance Com. P.Prabhakar met DAI on 2nd March 2010 at 3.00 p.m. in the Conference Hall in the Head Quarters office. After formal exchange of pleasantries we presented the following issues.

1.Up gradation of Pay Scales of Audit/Accounts and Senior Audit/Accounts Officers: The Notification dated 29th August 2008 prescribing the new pay scales effective from 1.1.06 has granted the Sr .Divisional Accounts officer of IA&AD with a Grade pay of Rs.5400 and has placed them in PB3.The AOs of the IA&AD have been granted the same Grade pay but placed in PB2. The SAOs of IA&AD have also been granted the same Grade pay but placed in PB3.Thus the present scales have disturbed the well established vertical relativity by placing the Sr. DAO above the AO in an equal position with the SAO of IA&AD ignoring the fact that the department’s recruitment rules place the Divisional Accounts Officer in the scales equal to the AAO of this department. Further when a person is promoted as AO, from AO to SrAO and then when he is conferred IAAS with the same Grade Pay of Rs.5400 after granting just one increment. After introduction of MACP Scheme, the supervised and supervisor has been offered and placed in the same grade pay. We insisted that the C&AG must take up this issue with Finance Ministry at his level. Further, we demanded that, the department should explore the possibility of projecting the issue of Grade Pay of AOs and Sr.AOs as an anomaly before the anomaly committee since the Group B officers have no representative forum in the JCM set up to ventilate their grievances before the Government. The DAI explained the Department’s position in this regard. He was of the opinion that the CAG, being a part of the administration of Government, was a party to the decision of the pay scale offered to AOs and Sr.AOs. Hence, the DAI stated, approaching the Finance Ministry by the CAG was not feasible. The DAI was also of the opinion that categorising this issue under the anomaly was very difficult. However he stated that the department was sympathetic with our demand. He opined that the number of cases in each office drawing the same grade pay would be assessed and based on this data the department might take up the issue with the Government in order to resolve this issue in an amicable manner. He further opined that the association might explore its own sources to achieve this demand within the parameter limits. At our behest he agreed to keep this issue open to enable exploring further avenues to clinch this demand.
2. Conferment of Group ‘A’ Status to Sr.AOs: The conferment of ‘Group A’ Status to Sr.AOs of this Department as per the Notification of the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions (Department of personnel and training) Order dated 9th April 2009 facilitates the further promotional opportunities to AOs/SAOs cadre. It is imperative that the notification is formally implemented in IA&AD without any delay. The DAI stated that If the Sr.AO post is conferred with Group ‘A’ status, the process of promotion of AO to Sr.AO would not only take longer time than at present but also involves all India transfer liability as promotion to Group ‘A’ services requires consultation with UPSC. We explained that as majority of the members desired for conferment of Group ‘A’ status as per the notification of the DOPT, there was no need for the Association to reconsider its demand. The DAI agreed to pursue this case for conferment of Group A status to Sr.AOs.
3.Increasing Promotion Quota to I.A &A.S. to 50% from the existing 33 1/3%:
There are nearly 5000 AOs/SAOs working in the I.A. & A.D. The number of IA&AS Officers working in the Department is nearly 900. Out of this, only 33 1/3 % (i.e.) 300 posts are available for promotion to nearly 5000 officers. This is totally inadequate and not in consonance with the number of AOs/SAOs working in the Department. Hence promotion quota needs to be increased to 50% of the total strength of IA&AS cadre. In the Income Tax, Central Excise, Customs and other Central Government Departments, the promotion quota to Group ‘A’ posts has already been increased to 50%. When these were pointed out, The DAI has assured the delegation that this demand would be taken care of after consultation with the Comptroller and Auditor General.
4.Removal of age limit for promotion to I.A. & A.S:
At present, Sr.Audit/Accounts Officers are promoted to the IA&AS Cadre, according to the All India Seniority List maintained by the C & AG’s Office. But only those who have not completed 53 years of age, on the 1st July of the Panel Year are considered for empanelment. Others are not considered, even if they are otherwise qualified. This is a great injustice done to the Sr.AOs working in the Department who stagnate for more than 15 years in the same cadre. In no other Department of the Central Government this kind of discrimination is shown to Group B Gazetted Officers. Even though the C&AG had, in the informal meetings, accepted that this was an injustice, nothing has been done in practice to remove this grave injustice. When these were highlighted, the DAI responded positively and he explained that the department had taken adequate care to remove the backlog vacancies in the promotion quota in the IAAS cadre and it would be cleared by the end of the month of July 2010 when the situation would be current. He also assured that steps would be taken to ensure that 55 years of age would be the age limit for considering the promotion to IAAS Cadre commencing from the Panel year 2011 for empanelment.
5. Extension of MACP benefit to AOs & Sr.AOs:
The Government of India vide DOPT. OM. No.35034/3/2008-Estt. (D) Dated, 19th May, 2009 has introduced Modified Assured Career Progression (MACP) scheme to the Central Government employees from 1st September 2008. The important feature of the scheme is that every employee shall get three financial upgradations in his career at an interval of ten years between each upgradation. Ten year interval is counted from the date of recruitment in the directly recruited post. The scheme also makes a provision for granting such upgradation to the employees who is recruited in another post by counting the resting period of ten years from the date of recruitment to that post for each financial upgradation. The scheme has also been implemented in IA&AD benefiting the cadres’ upto Sr Auditor/Sr Accountant. However the scheme has not been extended to AOs/SAOs on the ground that they have already got three promotions. The C&R rules of the MSO (Admn), Vol. I, Chapter 5 provides that “Section Officer’s (re-designated as Assistant Accounts/Audit Officers) service is an appointment and no person who has not passed Section Officers’ Grade Examination is eligible for appointment as Assistant Accounts/Audit Officer and thus the appointment to the post of AAO is not regular line of promotion …” . The fact that only the service rendered in the cadre of Assistant Accounts/Audit Officers is counted for future promotions confirms the above position. In case of LDCs who negotiate the departmental examination and become Stenographers it has been clarified, Vide circular dated 31/07/08, that they are to be treated as “Appointed to the cadre of Stenographers” The case of the Assistant Accounts/Audit Officers (Section Officers) who have negotiated the Section Officer (Grade) examination from the cadre of Clerks, Accountants/Auditors, Sr.Accountants/Sr.Auditors is analogous and they also have to be treated as “appointed” to the post on their successful negotiation of the Examination. Thus the consideration under the MACP scheme has to reckon the existing AOs/SAOs treating the AAO cadre as the entry cadre in all fairness. Consequently AO/SAOs are entitled for benefits under MACP scheme treating them as having been appointed in the cadre of Assistant Accounts/Audit Officers and have been granted only one or two promotions thereafter as the case may be and granted progression accordingly. On hearing our above views the DAI agreed that there was logic and point in the submission of staff side views. He agreed to pursue this issue favourably.
6.Cadre Review:
The cadre of SAOs has no promotional prospects in the department except for induction to IA & AS cadre. The induction is also a very small percentage with the conditionality of age restriction etc. This has resulted in their stagnating in the same cadre for more than 10 to 12 years resulting in frustration and de-motivation. To remove this acute stagnation and also to meet the functional needs of the department there is an urgent need to have fresh review of the cadre providing more promotional opportunities to the SAOs in the department. On hearing us the DAI responded that there was a proposal for a cadre review in this department. He assured the delegation, a “win win” situation would be created in this department to the Cadre of AOs and Sr.AOs through cadre review shortly.
7. Proposed Amendments to the Constitution of the Association of the Federation:
As the federated units being spread all over India it is being found to be difficult and very expensive to hold its Conference biennially. It has already been brought to the notice of the C&AG administration with a request to re-examine this clause of the Constitution of the All India Audit and Accounts Officers Association and to facilitate the Federation in holding its Conference once in three years. Further in the case of Observance of uniform quorum by all the Service Associations recognized under the CCS (RSA) Rules, 1993, the field level Associations as well as Federation has been directed to amend the clauses relating to the quorum. The quorum prescribed is 1/3rd of the total strength of the primary members for General Body meetings/Special meetings/Conference/Special conference and 1/3rd of the elected members of the decision making bodies of working committee and Central head quarters(CHQ)/Executive committees for the meetings of those bodies. This direction is stated to have been issued to ensure uniformity among all Associations/Federations in the IA&AD recognized under the CCS (RSA) rules 1993. It is our considered view that the instructions would result in paralysing the functioning of the Associations as they would find it difficult to hold timely meetings for taking decisions for carrying out their objectives to achieve the goals. This would result in defeating spirit of formation and recognition of service Associations and contradicts the stated objectives of the Government of India of giving at most importance to recognized service Associations and enabling their effective functioning. It is our request that the Association/Federation be allowed to retain the existing clause regarding quorum for its meetings and be allowed to function for the welfare of its members. On hearing these views of the Association the DAI has agreed to accept the proposed amendments by the federation.
Informal Meeting with AC (N):
Certain issues like, creation of redressal forum to the officers in the North Eastern States, regularisation of days as duty for the leaders involved in the departmental talks from the central Associations such as Association of AO (Comml) /Sr.AO (Comml), P&T Audit Officers Sr.Audit Officers Association, Payment of HRA to staff& Officers posted at workshop audit office, S.C.Railway, Guntapalli at rates applicable to Vijayawada were also discussed with AC(N) informally on the next day(03.03.10). The response of the AC (N) was very positive in respect of the above said Demands.

PREPARE FOR MASS CASUAL LEAVE ON 8TH APRIL 2010: It is to be noted that for the first time, after a lapse of nearly two decades in our history, it has been possible for us to negotiate our issues on a confident and equal footing with the authorities who obviously were under pressure to recognise our demands as worthy of their time and to candidly come up with agreements or disagreements and to express the support for our cause. This sudden shift to the equality and openness is on account of our successful and unambiguous demonstration of the commitment to, and the will to fight for, our genuine demands through the massive support to the day long Dharna programme. The emphatic and open participation of the units has signalled to the administration that we cannot be ignored or denied anymore. Such, comrades, is the power of concerted and united action. It has earned the Association a seat of respect while negotiating our demand with the C&AG’s Administration. But, comrades, it is not enough that the Association is heard only by those who run the IA&AD. This is hardly the end, in fact this is only a beginning towards the final ascend to the peak. We can hardly rest. It is urgent and imperative that those who run this country should also feel the heat and reconcile themselves to the fact that the AOs/SAOs of IA&AD have to be heard and that their thirst for justice has to be quenched. Only when we achieve such a position shall our demand be achieved. WE ALL need to put our shoulders to the wheel in earning this position of strength to the Association. The Mass casual leave programme has, therefore become a crucial step for us all in demonstrating to the GOI that we mean business and shall not rest till our demands are met. The Association fervently appeals to its one and all for making the programme an indisputable success and reinforce the position of strength that you have enabled the Association in achieving.

Yours Fraternally,

Secretary General.