Friday, August 22, 2008


On behalf of All India Accounts and Audit Officers Association and on my own behalf I salute every one who has made the strike a Success. The Central Government Officers in general and Audit & Accounts officers in particular have demonstrated conviction and courage to express that they would not fail to register their emphatic protest – along with the rest of working class of this great nation – against the policies of the government that heap miseries on the common people causing unprecedented inflation and price rise, joblessness and job loss etc. The success of the strike becomes more noteworthy on the background of the publicity on implementation of the recommendations of 6 CPC with ‘improvements’.
The audit & accounts employees and officers and the central government employees, through the massive participation in the 20th August 2008 strike have stated in unequivocal terms their determination to fight against the denial of minimum wage and fitment formula and also against the move to contractorise the jobs in the government offices. The employees and officers have understood that the 6 CPC recommendations and its implementation by the Government are nothing but the extension of the neoliberal economic policies that the successive governments are pursuing for the last nearly two decades. This realization led to massive participation despite attempts to term the strike action as a political one. The employees and officers emphatically reacted against the politics of neo-liberal economic policies.
The participation of Audit & Accounts officers in IA&AD is noteworthy especially when the administration did their best to put hurdles.
The All India Accounts and Audit Officers Association once again Congratulates every member, every activist and every leader for the successful strike on 20th August 2008.
This success against all odds gives us confidence to decide on future actions on the 6 CPC related issues.

Yours Fraternally,

Secretary General.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Circular 6 All India Accounts and Audit Officers Association

The National Executive Members &
The Secretaries of the Affiliates.

Dear Comrades,
Resist the Arrogance, Rebuff the dishonesty; Ensure total strike on 20th August 2008
After a wait of nearly five months, the government has finally decided to implement the 6 CPC recommendations with effect from 1st September 2008, with some minor modifications. In this era of scientific discovery and technological advancement; various tools have been created to facilitate the delivery of news materials within the country. But unfortunately our Government have found ways of abusing such facilities to spread rumours with libel intent to reduce our fighting potential. Now the government has presented before people the acceptance of pay commission recommendations itself as an act of benevolence.
The fact is that as on 1.1.2006 the employees were drawing DA at 86%. The 6 CPC did not consider the DP factor and denied the benefit of 12%, an element that is already part of the pay. This 12% that was snatched away has now been restored. This is not a bonanza; it is not at all an additional increase. It is only restoration of what is due to the employees.
But what had the Staff Side, JCM and Confederation of officers demanded with Committee of Secretaries?
Re-computation of Minimum wages based on the actual prices that existed on 1.1.2006 and on the Supreme Court ruling on minimum wages and consequential reconstruction of Pay Bands.
The Gr D entry level (the minimum wage) remains unchanged at Rs 5740. Rs 7000/- is the entry level for Gr C. Squaring it off to 7000/- means an increase of Rs 80/- after applying the multiplying factor of 1.86. (2750x1.86 +1800=6915 ie Rs 6920/-)
What we have demanded was RS 10000 for Gr D at entry level and our demand with Committee of Secretaries was (as rock bottom) application of the principle applied by
5 th CPC (increase in the net national product for 10 years) i.e. an increase of 56.2% over the pay drawn on 1.1.2006 – 4743x156.2%= 7408 adjusted to Rs 7400- with consequential changes in all stages and pay bands.
PB-1 will now start at 5200 (instead of 4860) and PB2 will start at 9300 (in place of 8700) with no change in the Grade pay – as result of increasing the fitment to 1.86 in place of 1.74. This change will no way benefit an existing employee.
Fitment formula of 2.625:
The change from 1.74 to 1.86 will bring in a marginal increase, but that is what we are drawing, nothing new in it. This only gives a benefit of another DA merger, not of a Pay Revision.
A Pay Revision would be felt actually if a uniform fitment formula is made available universally. Fitment factor of 2.625 would give uniform benefit of 41% to all up to the scale of 8000-13500. (Gr A is already granted a higher rate).
No abolition of Gr D posts, No contractorisation :
The worst type of deception is shown here. Though the statement issued by the Government states that GR D in ministerial offices and Porters in Railways would continue to be recruited, their pay scale has not been revised.
Minimum benefit of 10% on promotion& Pension:
The demand for minimum increase of 10% in pay on promotion has not been accepted by the Government. The incremental benefit of 3% is paltry. The communiqué issued by Government is silent on the recommendations of 6 CPC on Pension, parity in pension of pre-1996 and post 1996 retirees, discrimination in the grant of family pension, minimum pension and revision in ex gratia to SRPF/CPF retirees, and especially on outsourcing (i.e. doing away with) Pension Commutation.
In the nutshell, a very big fraud has been committed on us. Government is using its propaganda machinery in such a manner that reminds one of Goebel (propaganda Secretary of Adolph Hitler) – repeat a lie hundred times, it will be accepted as the truth.
When we speak of Pay, the government speaks of pay and allowances (saying that it will be more than 10,000 pm) at the minimum level up to Group B level. But while speaking of maximum pay it speaks of only Pay (80,000).
It speaks of average hike of 21%. But it would not say how much at the lower level and how much for Group A Officers. The change of Base year for DA from 1982 to 2001 would affect the quantum of DA. The move to introduce separate Consumer Price Index for Government employees is an attempt to take away the existing compensation on price rise available to us and it has to be resisted with great vigour.
The Government’s eagerness to push through the PFRDA bill in the forthcoming session of Parliament commencing on 20th September 2008 is the gravest threat to social security available to every employee in the Central Government.
The unprecedented inflation and rise in prices of the essential commodities and its accelerating trend caused due to the pursuance of the anti-people economic policies of globalization, liberalization and privatization followed by the present Government has made the life of Central Government Employees, workers and poor people miserable and unbearable. The raging inflation nullifies whatever increase in DA is granted by the Central and State Governments and will wipe out any financial benefit that might accrue to the employees because of the implementation of much awaited VI-CPC modified recommendations.
We need to rise to the occasion and give a big rebuff to Government on its neglect and denial of our genuine demands. We have to put up a strong resistance to passage of PFRDA Bill.

Ensure Total Strike on 20th August as a mark of protest against the Arrogance & Dishonesty and Fraud on us.

With greetings,

Yours Fraternally,

Secretary General

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Message from the Secretary General,Confederation Of Central Government Gazetted Officers Organisations.


Enclosed herewith is the notice served on the Cabinet Secretary by the CCGGOO for the proposed strike on 20/08/2008 on the 6th CPC issue.
All the costituent organisations of the CCGGOO are hereby requested to participate in the said strike and send a strong signal to the Govt. about our determined will to fight the injustice meted out by the 6th CPC Report.
By participating in the said strike, we shall be supporting and strengthening the CCGE&W (Confederation of Central Govt. Employees & Workers).

Yours comradely,

Rajesh Menon
Secretary General


Dated: 23.07.08

The Cabinet Secretary,
Rashtrapathy Bhawan Annexe,
New Delhi – 110 001.

Dear Sir,
This is to give notice that the Officers who are members of the affiliates of the Confederation of Central Government Confederation of Central Government Gazetted Officers Organisations will go on a day's strike on 20th August, 2008. The Demands in pursuance of which the Officers will embark upon the one day strike action is enclosed.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

( Rajesh Menon )
Secretary General

Charter of Demands.

1.Accept the modifications suggested by the C.C.G.G.O.O (main demand for a uniform rate of fitment @ 120% of the existing pay) or the suggestions of Staff Side JCM in the Standing Committee meeting held on 7th May, 2008 and implement the 6th CPC recommendations accordingly.
2. Afford right to strike to Government employees.
3. Withdraw the new contributory Pension scheme and extend the existing defined benefit pension scheme to all Govt. employees including those recruited after 01.01.2004.
4. Stop privatization, corporatisation and downsizing of Government department and abandon the neo-liberal economic policies.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

NEWS FROM THE DESK OF Secretary General
Mumbai 42,

Dear Comrades,
One of our long pending demand, i.e Removal of Anomaly in the pay scale of AOs/Sr.AOs due to revision of pay scales of AAOs /SOs with effect from 19/02/2003, is achieved.
Some of the Sr. Accounts/Audit Officers, who were promoted as Accounts/Audit Officers prior to 01-01-1996 and were drawing more pay than their junior officers are, consequent to the up gradation of pay scales of officers up to the level of Assistant Accounts/Audit officers under Head Quarters Office Order No.6/82/EIII/B/91 dated 28-02-2003, drawing less pay than their junior officers who have been promoted to the cadre of Accounts/Audit officers after 01-01-1996. The anomaly has arisen due to up gradation of pay scales of all posts except that of the Accounts/ Audit Officers and Sr. Accounts/Audit Officers. After our prolonged struggle, negotiation at various levels the C&AG Administration has finally issued orders delegating powers to all the heads of Departments (Pr.AG/AG/PDA/PD(C)) to settle these cases. We are extending our sincere thanks to C&AG administration in this regard.

Secretary General.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Circular 5 of All India Accounts and Audit Officers Association

(Recognised by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India)
Ref. No. 59/NGE(JCM) 27-2006(Vol-II) dt. 12-03-2007
E Mail ID ‘’
No. AIAAAOA/Circular/2008-09/5 01.08.2008

The National Executive Members &
The Secretaries of the Affiliates

Dear Comrades,


As per the decision of the Convention, Our federation decided to join the one day strike on 20th August 2008 on the six demands that were finalised in the joint Convention of Central and State Employees & teachers on 8th July 2008, consequent to the decision of the Central Trade Unions and Federations in a convention held at New Delhi on 13th June 2008.

The demands adopted by National convention of Central and State Government employees and University, college and School teachers on 8th July, 2008

Accept the modifications suggested by the Staff Side JCM in the Standing Committee meeting held on 7th May, 2008 and implement the 6th CPC recommendations accordingly.
Afford right to strike to Government employees
Withdraw the new contributory Pension scheme and extend the existing defined benefit pension scheme to all Govt. employees including those recruited after 1.1.2004.
Stop privatization, corporatisation and downsizing of Government department and abandon the neo-liberal economic policies.

The Demands adopted in National Convention of Trade Unions on 13 May 2008
Take urgent step to contain price-rise through (a) universalizing the public distribution system throughout the country to cater all essential commodities at controlled price through PDS, (b) ban on futures and forward trading in all essential commodities, (C) reduction of tax in petrol and diesel, (d) stringent action against hoarding and black marketing.
Strict implementation of all labour laws particularly in respect of minimum wages, working hours, social security and safety and stringent action against all cases of violations; stop contractorisation and outsourcing
Scope of the Unorganised Sector Workers Social Security Bill pending in Parliament should be expanded to cover all unorganised sector workers irrespective of BPL or APL category to ensure a national minimum social security benefit for them as per unanimous recommendation of the National Commission for Enterprises in the Unorganised Sector (NCEUS) and the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Labour with Central Govt Funding.
Farmers Loan Waiver Scheme to be extended to loans from private moneylenders; nationalized banks to extend easy credit to peasants at lower interest rate.
Lift ban on recruitment in Govt services; remove the negative and discriminatory features in the recommendation of 6th Pay Commission and finalise the same for implementation in consultation with the employees organisations; expedite regularization and grant of pension to 'gramin dak-sevaks.'
Expedite wage negotiation for the employees of Central PSUs including the contract workers without any conditionality.
This is the first time the government employees including the audit and accounts employees & officers in particular and the working class in general would be embarking upon a strike action on the issue of price rise that impacted adversely on the day to day life of the people at large. The All India Accounts and Audit Officers association cautioned the members against the plans of the present Government to accomplish the so-called unfinished agenda of neo-liberal reforms. Immediately after getting through the trust vote, the present Government had come out in its true colour. The Government could not suppress its zeal in announcing its plans for immediate measures to finish the so-called unfinished agenda of neo-liberal reforms, which obviously pertain to privatization and deregulation of financial sector - in pension, banking and insurance. The All India Accounts and Audit Officers Association felt these were designed to unleash complete deregulation to establish hegemony of private capital, both foreign and domestic, over the financial sector of the country.
Allowing voting rights for the foreign players in banking sector, unhurdled operation of foreign companies in the insurance sector and raising of the FDI cap, pushing the pension and other social security funds as fodders for speculative operations in the share market, privatisation/disinvestments of the profit-making Public Sector Undertakings etc are the retrograde measures on the anvil on the part of the present government, which could so long be stalled by the organized opposition by the entire trade union movement. The trade unions in this country denounces such overzealous posture by the present Government against taking such retrograde moves which would further throw the entire national economy deeper into the grip of speculative interests. In this background the All India Accounts and Audit Officers Association calls upon its officers to make the call of countrywide general strike of August 20, 2008 by the Sponsoring Committee of Trade Unions a total success and prepare for bigger countrywide united resistance struggle against such contemplated measures of privatization and deregulation of pension funds being touted overzealously by the present Government.
The All India Accounts and Audit Officers Association further calls upon every unit to endorse the notice that would be served to C&AG by All India Accounts & Audit Officers Association on 4th August 2008 by holding massive general body meetings.
Draft resolution that may be adopted in the GB is enclosed along with the Strike Notice that would be served to CAG.
The information regarding serving the notice may please be communicated to HQr through SMS on the same day followed by sending the copy of the notice served by post.
With warm regards,

Yours fraternally,

( S.Mohan)
Secretary General.